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Hi! I'm John Choque

I'm a social entrepreneur, software developer, and artist.

The core of my work lies somewhere between social entrepreneurship, programming and philosophy. The combination of these fields has allowed me to explore multiple areas of knowledge that I would never have thought to explore otherwise.

My passions come from the goal of ensuring that technology is best used to advance society in an inclusive and empowering way. In this way, my work falls into the categories of ed-tech, mental health advocacy, social sustainability, open source software, knowledge management, and computer ethics.

I did a Master's in Digital Communication Leadership at Aalborg University in Denmark. My thesis aimed to understand the ethics behind algorithms and what are the implications of such matters in society. Before enrolling in this master's program, I worked for around 5 years as a software developer at MD Systems GmbH, the top Drupal contributor in Switzerland.

I am an advocate of multidisciplinarity and collaboration. This allowed me to create my own initiatives related to mental health awareness, sustainability, music, video production, and game design. You can see all my previous projects here.

I also have experience with photography, videography, graphic design, and music writing. You can find my portfolio here.

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